Cultural Related Program

Magamba Eco-Village hiking (3-4hrs)

This Magamba Eco- Village hiking offers you a day full of surprise the tour will give you the experience including testing the local  beer and interact with the people in their local bars, excellent view of  Magamba Village from Bughai hill, the village lifestyle of local people, enjoy and get  experience more than you expected in just a few hours tour. This hiking gives you unmatchable chance to experience the Real Village Hiking with your local guide and get to know how the villagers over here run their lives, how they run their business small shops say hello to the kids in the village, greet the people and ask them any questions regarding their village. Enjoy the beautiful and evergreen village of Magamba.

Local Dishes Preparations & Testing Lesson (3-4hrs)

Be part of African people by Learning how to cook African Local Dishes, here expect to go to the Market with Women from Magamba Eco-Village, you will visit Lushoto green Market to buy the food Stuff, then you will be transferred to the village where you will prepare the African Chapati, Makande, Sweet and Irish potatoes, Ugali and Many others. After cooking then you will save the food under the help of your local women and enjoy the food of your own hands. With localhost Family.

Traditional Dances & performance.(1-2hrs) 

Africa is known for its cheerful music and dances. In this lesson, explore African dance and learn about its history and cultural significance. Also, discover some basic formations found in several dances and examine the traditional costumes. Dance is a fundamental part of the cultural fiber and important activity that serves several purposes in the community. People dance in festivals, religious ceremonies, marriages, birth, and almost every social occasion. Dances serve to impart knowledge and traditions. Some dances help define individual roles within the community. Enjoy and learn the local history of Shambala, Mbugu and Pare people by joining them in their local teaching, traditional dances, songs, and stories, go back to your home with more to tell to your friends and family.

Local storytelling by our elders (2-3hrs)

Meet Mr.Nyangusi the storyteller in our village and the first person to discover the high peak of Magamba Nature Forest Reserve (Kwehondo peak). We believe that everyone has a story worth hearing, yet nobody is written in stone. We help people to find and share our culture and awaking stories, more than a mere performer, the dancer let us help you hear our real culture of the community. Local storytellers, teachers, healers, and ordinary individuals adopt specific roles through from our elders. Be part of our culture by knowing our past, present and forecast future may be.

Agro-farming & Fruits picking Tour

Agriculture has become one of the major activities that help to promote sustainable development in most African countries. Agro-tourism is leisurely activities in the rural areas that help a person understand and appreciate the land and the people who live on it. Our clients want to discover new destinations and meet locals in their natural environments and become more involved with many activities in the village. Our Staff encourages farmers to implement sustainable land use to boost food production through farming in order to produce high-quality yields while adapting to the organic and other farming knowledge. Local community and tourists — exchange knowledge on farming methods and the importance of farming in agriculture while joining the women groups in fruits picking the program. International and national aggro-tourists will exchange views with local small farmers on how to reduce climatic impacts on land, water, forest as well as working and sharing their ideas on the current women projects.

Coffee Tour experience

Coffee production is a significant  aspect in Tanzania for the  economy growth, two types of coffee exist in Eastern arc Mountains that is Robust and Arabic types of coffee, however due to the few years ago suffering from poor market in the World Market the people in Usambara mountains decided to ignore coffee farms and prefer other crops hence now days very few people in our community have coffee trees in their farms, as far as now coffee is doing great in the World market we are trying to encourage the local people to start planting the coffee trees to their farms. In trying to implement this through our Aggro-farming Program we contacted the Tanzania Coffee Research Institute to visit our community and train them on the good ways to plant, care and harvest coffee. Here you will learn about coffee from farm to cup and process your coffee through local ways until you celebrate a cup of coffee you made by your own hands.


(Magamba Eco-Cultural Tourism is begging our esteemed visitors to bring back the pictures of kids they take during their visit, then our guides will send back the pictures to the kids and families, we believe that they will be happier to see themselves in pictures)