About US

We are local people in Magamba Eco-Village Lushoto in Usambara Mountains who are ready to share with you our Cultural and Natural environment. While visiting us expect to learn more African Culture while interacting with real local people. Whether you want inspiration or information, you’ll find plenty of them right here. And you can count on the most up-to-date news and insights because we don’t just love Africa but we live here. You’ll find real client reviews in our TripAdvisor section 

We believe on going above-and-beyond your expectations because we know it makes all the difference to the moments and memories you’ll treasure decades from the today you visit us. It’s why we provide 24-hour back up on every single day of your trip planning and action.

Getting there

Magamba Eco-Village is located in the Eastern part of Magamba Nature Forest Reserve the largest Nature forest reserve ramaining in West Usambara between Altitude 1,670 and 2170m above sea level and the highest peak being Kwehondo peak.


The climatic condition of Magamba is characterized by cool weather through out the year, mean annual rainfall is 1,200mm with Long rain from mid March to may and Short rain between October and December.

The Temperature range from 15-21 ° c from June to September up to 25-30 °c between October and December.

It is about 339.5Km from Dar es salaam and about 310.8 from Touristy city of Arusha, the estimated distance from Mombo to Lushoto is 32km. From Lushoto to Magamba Eco-Village is 10km. Drive from Lushoto mlalo road. The area can be accessed by both private and public transport.

Buses from Dar es salaam to Lushoto and Lushoto Dar es salaam are available daily around 0600hrs to 1200hrs. From Lushoto Arusha 0600hrs to 0900hrs and the road is a tarmac road to Magamba Eco-village this can be accessed through out the year.